Joe Jarlett - Bristol based Technologist, Psychologist, Environmentalist, Musician, Philosopher

Technologist / Psychologist / Environmentalist / Musician / Philosopher

Welcome to my personal info and reference site. Please find below some of the projects I am currently working on.

Psychosynthesis Diploma

An exploration into higher conscious potentiality and a further cultured character. This experiential course focuses on participatory relationships with the Self and the Soul.

Meaning crisis study group

Diving into the cultural history of how we derived plausible truth, meaning and purpose. As well as how our brain has developed into a frame breaking navigator within the limitless potentiality of its environment.

Life coaching

The wonderful privilege of supporting people in the mission to find their higher self.

Music studies

A meditation, a practise, a connection with my soul.

Digital arts

My expression of Self from all that I learnt.