Joe Jarlett - Bristol based Technologist, Psychologist, Environmentalist, Musician, Philosopher

Psychosynthesis Diploma

I am currently studying a 3 year diploma in psychosynthesis at the Psychosynthesis Trust.

Psychosynthesis was developed by Roberto Assagioli in Italy at the beginning of the 20th century. The model extends from the consciousness and lower unconscious definitions of behavioural psychology and psychoanalysis, to include the higher conscious and collective unconscious of humanistic psychology and beyond.

To me this study appears as a wholesome approach, pulling in all forms of psychology without fixation on any ideology.

The thematic seminars in the course cover:

  • The identity, subpersonalities, and dis-identification
  • The Cultivation of the Will
  • Childhood and the Unconscious I
  • The Creative Use of Pain, Crisis and Failure
  • Self-Realisation and Psychological Disturbances
  • Interpersonal Psychosynthesis
  • Sexualities and Genders
  • Relational dynamics
  • Counselling skills

I have decided to focus my study of the will.

Books List so far

The psychosynthesis way, Nocelli P. (2017)
A fantastic and complete account of the psychosynthesis models along with a biography of Roberto Assagioli
Psychology with a soul, Hardy J. (2016)
A very readable breakdown of models with many historical references
The Sovereignty of Good, Routledge Great Minds, Murdoch I. (2014)
A very creative and unique philosophical point of view that may well have created a significant shift in our understanding of reality
Psychosynthesis - A collection of basic writings, Roberto Assagioli (2012)
many of Roberto’s early writings describing psychosynthesis and its application to psychotherapy and self improvement. A harder read, but great to hear it from the founder.