Joe Jarlett - Bristol based Technologist, Psychologist, Environmentalist, Musician, Philosopher

Music studies

II-V-I cycle of fifths

I am currently using the piano as a form of meditation. Not learning songs as a performer, but instead becoming one the piano and theory related practises so that I am more fluent and free at a later stage

To do this I have been:

  • practising scales
  • practising chord cadences
  • practising both scales and cadences around the cycle of fifths

Here is a chart I have been following that practises the II-V-I chord progression that runs through every key through the cycle of fifths.

251 in major
251 in minor

Next to integrate…

Practising all the modes

  • I Dorian
  • II Hypodorian
  • III Phrygian
  • IV Hypophrygian
  • V Lydian
  • VI Hypolydian
  • VII Mixolydian
  • VIII Hypomixolydian