Joe Jarlett - Bristol based Technologist, Psychologist, Environmentalist, Musician, Philosopher

Digital arts

The antecedents

It started with photography and music as a budding teen, then into the world of electronic music composition and video art as both as an artist and a technician. From electronic dance music, through theatre and festival entertainment, to cutting edge experimental laptop improvisation.

I was always drawn to the harmonically rich and life affirming use of samples in my audio and visual as opposed to bottom up synthesisers. Where possible, I loved to develop the software so that the creative process was not limited by someone else’s vision.

As well as an expression of my experience of life, I have always been keen to provide a meaningful and fun entertainment service. Treat life as a play-thing, let down your hair and break frame.


Examples to come soon!


I am currently taking stock and learning more theory. Partly to serve as an inward meditation, partly to cultivate a more articulate and meaningful expression. Things are warming up, drawing together all that I have learnt. Expect some heart felt sounds suitable for soundscape narratives.

Audio dev research

Desktop audio frameworks
Web audio language
Low latency audio hardware
Low latency audio Jamming