Joe Jarlett - Bristol based Technologist, Psychologist, Environmentalist, Musician, Philosopher

Time Freak and Forrest Landry

What is the relation between science and spirituality

  • What is the relation between science and spirituality

    • also between technology and religion
    • man machine and nature
  • How can a deep understanding of the theory of evolution help us to understand the human condition

    • deep reflection in to our psyche / biases
    • help solve chronic/ complex / social world-class problems
  • Why are more people altruistic than in previous centuries, how can we help people to care for others and animals in distant places

    • scales of altruism and how that informs good choices with science and technology
  • How do we encourage more people to make this altruistic transition, self-realisation to world-realisation, to world actualisation

  • How can we move our western culture from celebrating tribal jealous gods, narcissistic leadership to embracing peace, loving leadership, narrative forms

  • How can we mutually assist a more balanced altruism, operating in a way to feel our connections, unity in the universe, naturally and sustainably

    • What are the means by which we can enable individual people to awaken to this unity, see the value of the global commons, consistent agency in connection to the oneness, knowing that life is good, beautiful, meaningful
  • How to support questions like: What is the meaning to life, discover a true basis of choice, in gentle harmony

    • complementary conjugate perspectives, paralogical, both and, thinking as the basis of imagination, feeling as the basis of imagination, solving problems
  • Interest to study aspects of the psyche with the same precision and with science

  • An enquiry into the relationship between the deep subjective and the deep objective, and the intrinsic nature of that relationship